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Portrait Sifu Ulrich Stauner

Ulrich Stauner

Sifu Ulrich Stauner is among the most experienced and most capable Ving tsun kung-fu masters in Europe. His training in Ving tsun kung-fu began in September 1979 in Munich, in one of the first trainings places for Ving tsun kung-fu.
Sifu Stauner knows all aspects of fighting, be it unarmed or with weapons of any kind.
He studied with, and was trained by the most renowned Ving tsun kung-fu masters around the world like K.R. Kernspecht (Ip Man / Leung Ting Wing Tsun), Werner Leuschner ( Ip Man / Moy Yat / Sunny Tang Ving Tsun), Gary Lam (Ip Man / Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun), Ng Chun Hong (Ip Man / Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun), oder Wan Kam Leung (Ip Man / Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun), who's hold on the reality of fighting shouldn't be questioned by anyone.

Ulrich Stauner Werner long bow

Everything began at the age of 11. For Christmas, his father offered him a little booklet about judo. At this time (1970), it was already exotic and cool, when one was able to perform such deeds. But even if it was really well described, it is still very difficult to learn much from a book. There were locks, throwing techniques and foot throwing techniques, so a kind of fighting mainly to be practised on the ground, which was earlier still possible, because being beaten, one could simply abandon the fight, without fearing being kicked while still lying on the ground. Because there was no judo school nearby, he subscribed in a wrestling association at his place. After some time, he wanted to discover something else and went to a boxing club in the next town. But this again, was not what he imagined to be an Asian martial art, which he really wanted to practice. So it came to a break of a few years until the journey continued in Lothar Siebers' Jiu Jitsu & Karate school in Munich. After about three years, the next change took place in the form of Taekwondo (about a year) by Anton Hanfstengl in Holzkirchen. During this time, he heard through a than well renowned budo journal, about a self-defence system known to be the one Bruce Lee used to practice at first and to develop his own system later on. "Ving Tsun Kung Fu".

Ulrich Stauner Gary Lam

In 1979 he came in contact with Michael Till, the WT-teacher in Munich at this time, who studied under K.R. Kernspecht. The first session was short and painful. With a single hand, M. Till showed the functionality of Ving Tsun. Ulrich Stauner being thrilled by this efficiency, he stayed there until 1983. After his separation with M. Till, Ulrich Stauner visited Uwe Müller in Heidelberg for about two years in Chinese boxing training. A well renowned student from this school is Pierre Hartmann from Switzerland.
He than travelled about six years to Thailand. During this time, he took part two times in a six weeks long intensive training camp in Muay Thai.
He travelled back in 1992 and went again to a Ving tsun school in Munich, in which he stayed until 1999. His friend Werner Leuschner, who migrated to Canada, transmitted to him, in seven months daily training, Sunny Tang's Ving tsun (Moy Yat).
In 2004, Werner Leuschner told him about a Wing Chun teacher in Los Angeles who he said, teached an incredible Wing chun. "Master Gary Lam Man Hog", Master Wong Shun Leung's student (who himself studied under the guidance of well renowned Master Ip Man), who taught Bruce Lee.
So, end of story:
From now on, there is Gary Lam Ving tsun kung-fu in Germany, a martial art that knows little competition in the fields of logic and efficiency. After that and through Gary Lam's acquaintance, doors where opened to Sibak Ng Chun Hong, who he visited five times during several weeks in Hong-Kong, and to Wan Kam Leung, the two being equally incredibly good students of Wong Shun Leng in Hong-Kong.
All these teachers and experiences with the best and most renowned Wing Chun / Ving Tsun teachers gave birth to the highly efficient Ulrich Stauner Ving Tsun Kung Fu, a martial art that has now many followers in all of Europe.

Ulrich Stauner Certification Level One

Certification text:
This Certificate recognizes that on AUGUST 28th, 2004 the Individual named above has completed the entire Level One Training, having demonstrated Knowledge and Ability in the Crossing Hand System, as well as having mastered the fundamental principles of Wing Chun.
Additionally, he has learned the three Forms of Wing Chun, the entire Set of the Muk Jan Chong and has mastered the basics of Qi Sao.
Sifu Gary Lam (Lam Man Hog)

Ulrich Stauner Certification Level Two

Sifu Ulrich Stauner is the only certified level 2 (2007) VingTsun teacher in Bayern.
In Europe, they are only 4 ''level 2'' Ving tsun teachers that studied directly under Master Gary Lam's guidance.
Certification text:
High Skill
This certificate recognizes that on March 28th, 2007 the individual named above has completed the entire Level Two training, having demonstrated knowledge and ability in the Five systems, as well as having learned the entire set of the Luk Dim Boon Gwan.
Sifu Gary Lam (Lam Man Hog)

Ulrich Stauner Certification Level Three

Sifu Ulrich Stauner is the first certified ''Level three'' of Master Gary Lam in Europe, which is the highest level in Gary Lam Wing Chun.
Worldwide, Sifu Ulrich Stauner belongs to the eight first high graduated Wing Chun masters under Master Gary Lam.

Certification text:
This Certificate recognizes that on August 8th 2008
The individual named above has completed the Level Three training and is now recognized as a Sifu.
The student has demonstrated knowledge and ability in the entire Gary Lam Wing Chun Systems, having completed all five systems and the entire set of the Baat Jaam Do.
The above named student is authorized to teach and is given formal permission to certify his own students.

Sifu Stauner was added in 2007 as Master in the "Shaolin Temple Hall of Fame".

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