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Knife fight

With stick or unarmed against knife

About knife combat

No weapon is easier to get than a knife.

In self-defense, therefore, the same question keeps popping up: How can I, as an ordinary citizen defend myself against a knife relatively well and safely, be it either with a stick or completely unarmed?

Basically, let’s just say that a so called ordinary citizen with no martial arts training at all will not be able to stop someone trying to stab him if the aggressor is really determined to close the distance. We know from decades of practice and experience from security workers, police experience and competitions that body hit and hit on the limbs have
no stopping power.

A "trained fighter" here has the chance that he still can fight in close combat and therefore creates a serious threat for a potential attacker, but this is only true in some rare cases when talking about knife attacks.

So the only possibility remaining for us, is to forestall an imminent attack on our lives by incapacitating the attacker with one or two hard hits to the head, which in turn presupposes one thing: Training, training and some training.

This is what we want to pass on to our students in our larga muton-escrima (phillipinian stick fighting self-defense) to give a reasonably realistic chance against someone trying to stab them.

This also applies to security services and police forces, which are exposed to a much higher risk due to their jobs and should therefore train this kind of skills intensively and very quickly.

As a general rule against a stabber: I would RUN, RUN, RUN if I have the chance.

For every person who is not authorized to carry a firearm, a knife is a rapidly affordable and equally dangerous weapon, which is something everyone should be aware of.

Everyone should understand all this through proper self-defense training.

In a knife fight, it’s about survival, not about beautiful techniques.

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